Sakhiya Chelia, Telugu Song Remake (Pre Wedding Music Video)

In the year 2000, the legendary director Mani Ratnam, co produced and directed “Alaipayuthey”, a Tamil film that was appreciated by both masses and film critics, the film was dubbed in Telugu and released as “Sakhi” and later remade in Hindi as “Sathiya”. 17 years later, we attempted a remake of the popular telugu version of the song, “Sakhiya Chelia”. with a crew size of Grand Total 2 people, shoot schedule of 1.5 days, a not actor couple, and lot of hard work, we tried. This is no way close to the cinematography of P. C. Sriram for the original song and we did not even intend to copy, this is our humble version 🙂
Watch it, Like it and Please Share it because sharing is caring. Make it reach more and more people.

P.S – Yes, its a Pre Wedding Film.
P.P.S – Yes, we can make one for you, just get in touch 🙂


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