A Kashmiri Arranged Love Story

Yes, when two souls meet as a chance but decide to be one, Its a happy wedding and a happily ever after.

wedding film made in Pune.

Highlights Wedding film – Esha & Deepak

Its a Long long story when it comes to Esha and Deepak, the consistency and truth in love of Deepak finally made Esha say Yes. Well its all well that ends well ๐Ÿ™‚

Highlights Wedding Film – Yeutong & Jaideep

Maharashtrian boy Jaideep finds his soulmate at far away land USA, in Yeutong, a native of China. A friendship that turned into a bond of lifetime. Yeutong wouldn’t have had expected anything less than a traditional Maharashtrian wedding done in a Grand way at the homeland of the Groom, Jaideep. For rest, take a look ๐Ÿ™‚

Wedding Film Made In Pune, India.

Highlights Wedding Film – Apeksha & Parvez


Love understands no boundaries and that makes perfect sense, freedom means no boundaries and The “Love” that doesn’t set you Free, what kind of love is that. Apeksha and Parvez, after shooting close to half a century of indian weddings, same tribe. cross tribe, this was our first inter faith/religion wedding and did we feel it was “Two Different Religion People”, Big No, it was one big family that understood how to have big time and Period!!

Thank You – Highlights wedding film

Our Client wanted Us to make a small One Minute highlight video that they can circulate to their well wishers, remembering them all and thanking them all .

Even we are thank full to all the wonderful people who have hired us to shoot their most Precious Day ๐Ÿ™‚

Highlights Wedding Film – Suchitra & Jai

Its all about Love. When a man finds his woman to be the most beautiful and when the women trusts her man to be there for her forever. That’s what is called a perfect match. Suchitra & Jai is one of those couple who can teach a few lessons on love to everyone. Take a look at their love and joy filled wedding highlight film.

Wedding film made in Pune

Kritika & Sunny Highlight Wedding Film

A Plush Resort at top of hill and a happy family.what else do you need to get married in best possible fashion.